Maps & Directions

On campus, there are various parking garages as well as parking meters available. Here, you can find drop off directions, walking directions, and driving directions. Please be mindful of time when driving to campus as there is often traffic and limited parking spots during busy hours. For further information about parking and transit, visit

University of Arkansas Music Buildings Map

Driving Directions to the Stadium Parking Garage

380 Stadium Dr, Fayetteville, AR 72701

The most convenient parking for visitors to the Faulkner Performing Arts Center, the Music Building, Stella Boyle Smith Concert Hall and the Lewis E. Epley Jr., Band Building is the Stadium Parking Garage.

From I-540 to the Stadium Parking Garage, take Hwy 62/Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd east. Turn left on Razorback Rd. (There will be a traffic light and a sign for the University of Arkansas on the corner). From Razorback Rd. turn right at the traffic light on Meadow Street. Turn left onto Stadium Dr. when Meadow Street dead-ends. The entrance to the Stadium Garage will be on your right across from the football stadium.

Parking is $1.70 per hour and can be paid with coins or card. Be aware that the machines may not give change. There is also a new option to use your cell phone to pay for parking. Go to for more information about the cell phone option.  Parking is free in the Stadium Garage on Saturday and Sunday.  After 8 P.M. parking in the Stadium Garage is free. Be careful to observe all signs about parking restrictions.

For garage parking meter instructions, please visit

Walking Directions from the Stadium Parking Garage  to the Billingsley Music Building, Stella Boyle Smith Concert Hall, or Lewis E. Epley Jr. Band Building

Exit on the top level (Bus Depot) of the Stadium Garage. The Band Hall is the first building to the south. The Arkansas Union is the first building to the north. The Stella Boyle Smith Concert Hall in the Fine Arts Building is directly across the street. The Billingsley Music Building is directly behind the Fine Arts Building as you cross the street and can be accessed by walking through Fine Arts or outside along the building. Fine Arts and Music are connected by a second-story glass bridge.

Walking Directions from the Harmon Parking Garage to the Laundry Room

146 N Harmon Ave, Fayetteville, AR 72701

Parents dropping students off at the Laundry Room should enter the Laundry Room parking lot from Center Street.  Parents who are parking and plan to stay need to park at the Harmon Parking Garage.  To walk down to the Laundry Room from the Harmon Parking Garage, exit the parking garage onto Harmon Ave.  Walk down Harmon Ave heading towards Clinton Ave and turn left before the dumpster to walk down a stairway path to the Laundry Room.

Parking Meters

A limited number of parking meters are available in the small lot between the Fine Arts and Music Buildings. There is a twenty-minute time limit for parking there, which is strictly enforced by Parking & Transit.

Drop off

If you would like to drop off or pick up someone from the Music Building, turn right off of Dickson Street just past the Greek Theater onto Ozark Ave. which curves in front of the south entrance to the Music Building.  Note that travel on Dickson Street west of the Greek Theater is restricted between 7 A.M. and 6 P.M. on weekdays.


Is the Stella Boyle Smith Concert Hall in the Music Building?
No, the Stella Boyle Smith Concert Hall is on the first floor of the Fine Arts Building.

Is the Lewis E. Epley Band Building the same as the Music Building?
No, the Band Building is separate from the Music Building.

Where is the Music Library?
The Performing Arts & Media Library, including scores and sound recordings, is housed on the lowest level of Mullins Library, directly north of the Music Building. The Performing Arts and Media Library can be contacted at (479) 575-5517.