Studio Recording & Audio Fundamentals

Do you want to be a part of the burgeoning Northwest Arkansas music industry ecosystem? In our quest to provide relevant, high-quality music education to the community, CMS has partnered with Haxton Road Studios, one of the area’s premier recording companies to offer this unique, intensive, hands-on certificate program. Here’s your chance to get a foot in the door and learn the basics of studio recording and audio fundamentals.


Why should you enroll?

  • Learn how to record and produce radio ready tracks from scratch.
  • Develop the skills needed to advance your career as a recording engineer, mixer, musician, or producer.
  • Know exactly what equipment is worth investing in when building your own home or mobile recording setups.
  • Learn how to run a studio session in a world class studio.
  • Know not just how sound works but why things sound good.
  • Get expert instruction from industry professionals and academic curriculum overseen by U of A faculty.
  • Receive a free production and mix review from the instructor, including arrangement and mix quality assessment actionable advice on how to make your project sound polished and professional. You can then choose to master your project at a 15% discount.

What will you learn?

  • Understand the fundamentals of how sound functions in acoustical, electrical, and digital mediums.
  • Evaluate sound through psychoacoustic, communicative, and mathematic lenses.
  • Knowledge of the tools of the trade and assemble the building blocks of the recording chain.
  • Demonstrate basic recording, editing, and routing skills within industry standard audio software.
  • Apply fundamental recording techniques and best practices to rhythm section instruments, digital instruments, and vocals.
  • How to schedule, prep, and execute a recording session.
  • Demonstrate how to set up a basic mixing template, adjust levels and tonality as needed, and render a master.


Open to everyone ages 16 years and older.


Stay Tuned for our 2020/2021 Season!


Billingsley Music Building (U of A Campus) & Haxton Road Studios (Bentonville, AR)


9 am – 4 pm Daily


This course is capped at 15 students. To secure your reservation, full tuition is due by April 10 for the May class or July 6 for the August class. You may pay the full amount at checkout, or request installment payments by emailing Nastassja Riley ( For installments, a $150 non-refundable deposit is required.

$1099 – Includes instruction, all materials, t-shirt, and certificate of completion.

$140 – Discount for current U of A students and recent (2017 – 2019) alumni (subject to approval).

$100 – Late fee assessed for registration within two (2) weeks of the class start date.



Day 01 – The Building Blocks of Audio (Music Classroom)
Day 02 – DAW Basics & Digital Audio (Music Computer Lab)
Day 03 – Synthesis & Music Theory Basics (Music Computer Lab)
Day 04 – Ear Training, Effects, & Recording Prep (Music Classroom)
Day 05 – Mobile Recording Session (U of A Concert Hall)
Day 06 – Intro to Studio Production, Recording Part 1 (Haxton Road Studios)
Day 07 – Recording Part 2 (Haxton Road Studios)
Day 08 – Editing & Mixing Part 1 (Haxton Road Studios)
Day 09 – Mixing Part 2 (Haxton Road Studios)
Day 10 – Mastering & Wrap-up (Haxton Road Studios)

Michael Curtis, Instructor

Mastering Engineer, Movement Mastering



Michael’s a big fan of brisket tacos, getting up early, and his beautiful and growing family. He’s had the pleasure of mixing live for Oprah, The Most Interesting Man in the World, and Martina McBride, has created custom soundtracks for fortune 500 companies, and mastered projects for The Village Church, Knox Hamilton, Dear Silas and many more. He’s a former instructor and curriculum developer at MediaTech Institute in Dallas, TX. He currently runs Movement Mastering, writes for Atomica Music, and is active in the live music scene in Northwest Arkansas.

Neil Greenhaw, Owner, Producer

Haxton Road Studios



Neil Greenhaw is an entrepreneur, music producer, & cultural creative living in Bentonville, Arkansas.  He has been in the professional music industry for more than a decade, spending time between Nashville and Northwest Arkansas.  Neil owns Haxton Road Studios, a state of the art recording facility in Downtown Bentonville located in the Haxton District.  He is married to his wife Lauren and they have two kids, London & Brooklyn.

Jacob Hertzog, Senior Instructor of Guitar &

Jazz Area Coordinator

University of Arkansas Department of Music



For Curriculum Information       Michael Curtis, Instructor –

For Registration Information     Nastassja Riley – or 479-575-6491